Friday, November 27th
14:00 – 16:00 Parallel Sessions
Theme A
Room: Anneke van Cootenzaal, OTB
Theme B
Room: B, Faculty of Architecture
Theme C
Room: Pieter Groetelaers Zaal, OTB
Theme D1
Room: C, Faculty of Architecture
Theme D2
Room: Berlagezaal 1, Faculty of Architecture
Theme E
Room: K, Faculty of Architecture
Theme F1
Room: Grote Vergaderzaal, OTB
Theme F2
Room: F, Faculty of Architecture
Hsia Chujoe
Stan Majoor
Walter Manshanden
Heng Chye Kiang
Machiel van Dorst
Andrea Peresthu
Tsou Jin Yeu
Kees Duijvestein
Thorsten Schütze
Aya Kubota
Niko Koers
Frank van der Hoeven
Hendrik Tieben
Willem Hermans
Inge Bobbink
Remon Rooij
Lei Qu
Wu Jiang
Marjolein Spaans
Diego Sepulveda
Suryadi Santoso
Joaquin Sabaté Bel
Ana Maria Fernández-Maldonado
A009 B009 C006 D008 D050 E007 F016 F015
L. Girardi, P. F. Meliani KANG, Min Jay Christoph Lüthi, Jennifer McConville, Anna Norström, Arne Panesar, Rahul Ingle, Darren Saywell, Thorsten Schütze Chen Yu Elke Vanempten Renata Parente Paula Pessoa Jesse LeCavalier Pablo Juárez
Tourism and Urban Economy: Branding Cities and Producing contradictory Spaces of Consumption Informal Urbanism from Inside-Out: Internalizing Taipei Experiences of Informality Rethinking Sustainable Sanitation for The Urban Environment Transformation of Waterfront space in Asian cities: Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai Fragmented and Dispersed: Designing Brussels Rurban Landscape Towards a Definition of Urban Polycentrism for Brazilian Metropolises Throw the Bums Out: Two Case Studies at the Limits of Wal-Mart’s Retail Empire Communicative Place-Making: Participatory Planning and the Enhancement of Sense
A011 B011 C008 D014 D019 E008 F017 F020
Tahl Kaminer Esther Lorenz Shutian Li, Ka Wang, Lei Xu Sandra Maria Favaro Barella, Décio Rigatti L. Hee, B.L. Low Cláudio Mainieri de Ugalde, Décio Rigatti, Fábio Zampieri Zaida Muxí Martínez, Tania Magro Huertas R. Marijnissen
The Decline of The Industrial City: the Limits of Neoliberal Urban Regeneration Service Space The Digital City Management System in Hangzhou as a Practise of Urban Governance in China Galópolis and Forqueta: Visions of a Regional Landscape Water Margins- The Redevelopment of Waterfronts and Waterways in Asian Cities Notes for the Identification of Large Scale movement Routes- a Configurational approach of Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region Urban Social Movements: Gender Approaches WEB 2.0 and the Emergence of a New Planning Culture
A016 B013 C017 D015 D025 E014 F018 F031
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A017 B015 C018 D016 D026 E015 F021 F033
Hendrik Tieben M.V. Grimaldi, P. Sulis Meine Pieter van Dijk V. Ferrario Koo, Young Min Shannon Bassett Francesca Miazzo M. Simon Rojo, N. Moran Alonso, A. Hernandez Aja
Macau’s Urban Image Production - Before and After the Credit Crunch Inbetween Spaces for Social Interaction: New Public Realm and the Network Society The Consequences for China’s Mega Cities of the Global Economic Recession Agropolitana. Dispersed City and Agricultural Spaces in Veneto Region (Italy) An Analogy of Palimpsest as a Strategy Transforming Urban Structure into Architectural Discourse- Focused on Dominique Perrault’s Architecture of Strata “Learning From China”- Transit-Oriented and Landscape Infrastructure as a catalyst for a new spatial structuring of urban form… Local Institutional Environments as Filters of the Renewal of Derelict Industrial Sites- a Comparative Analysis of Bovisa (Milan) and Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam) Bringing People Back into the Picture: De-emphasizing Business Friendliness in Urban Planning