Friday, November 27th
16:30 – 18:00 Parallel Sessions
Theme A
Room: Anneke van Cootenzaal, OTB
Theme B
Room: B, Faculty of Architecture
Theme C
Room: Pieter Groetelaers Zaal, OTB
Theme D1
Room: C, Faculty of Architecture
Theme D2
Room: Berlagezaal 1, Faculty of Architecture
Theme E
Room: K, Faculty of Architecture
Theme F1
Room: Grote Vergaderzaal, OTB
Theme F2
Room: F, Faculty of Architecture
Hsia Chujoe
Stan Majoor
Walter Manshanden
Heng Chye Kiang
Machiel van Dorst
Andrea Peresthu
Tsou Jin Yeu
Kees Duijvestein
Thorsten Schütze
Aya Kubota
Niko Koers
Frank van der Hoeven
Hendrik Tieben
Willem Hermans
Inge Bobbink
Remon Rooij
Lei Qu
Wu Jiang
Marjolein Spaans
Diego Sepulveda
Suryadi Santoso
Joaquin Sabaté Bel
Ana Maria Fernández-Maldonado
- B019 - D023 D033 E016 F023 F034
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