Friday, November 27th
18:00 – 19:00 Poster Presentations
Room: A, Faculty of Architecture

Kees Duijvestein
Patrick Healy
Hui Xiaoxi
B010 C007 D061 D046 F028 F004 C026
Tariq Mahbub Khan Zhuojia Wang, Jie Wang Chung Chen Kun Yang Hui, Huang Minghua Li-Pei Peng Alberto Bertagna Xie Yingying
Revitalization of Panam Nagar: Social Displacement and the Minority Issue Energy Conservation Research and Optimized Design of Natural Lighting Atriums- as the Example of International Trade City in Jiaxing The Transformation of Port and City in Kaohsiung Classical Form and New Form- Approach to the Form of Linear Cities’ Spatial Layout in Eastern Region of Northwest China Endogenous Development in Making: Viewpoint of Network Structure Change in Chiufen Preventive Landscapes Contradictions of Ecological Construction and Urban Development in Hot-Dry Valley Areas- Case Study on Wenchuan County
B012 C009 D028 D062 F044 F026 F012
Ma Yan, Wang Chen Yang Miao, Xu Lei, Jian Ge Yuan Liao, Lei Xu, Zhenyu Cao Zaida Muxí Martínez, Roser Casanovas HENG Chye Kiang, WANG Jingyao A.J. van Overmeeren, S. Zijlstra He Jinghuan
A Research on the Educational Facilities in the Counties of Northwest China Based on the Integration of Urban and Rural Areas: A Case Study on the Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province The Characteristics of Development of Chinese Green Building Research on the Development Strategy and Characteristics of the 100 Urban Complexes in Hangzhou Conditions for New Neighborhoods Urban Development in a quasi - ‘Neoliberalism’ Market Economy – Moganshan District, Shanghai, China Changing Planning by Dutch Housing Associations- From Supply to Demand-driven and From Customer to Area-driven Strategic Housing Management Transitional residential spatial structures at the urban peripheries in Chinese mega-cities: Shanghai as a case study
B020 C015 D029 D072 F049 F027 .
Eugenia Tsagkaraki Guo Cui Kai Liu Zhang Jian, Li Hailin, Liu Jia Kumi EGUCHI H. Ö. Özhisar .
New Urban Forms – Immigration in Network Societies Ecological Design With Urban Context- Case Study on “Compasso Volante Prize - Edition 2007” about Integrative Design of Ecological Architecture On intertwined and integrated dimensions- Alternative strategies to the new urban design Emphasize Characteristics of Small Towns by Strengthening the Urban Design Study on the Consensus Making and the Technical Consultative Function in the Case of Bottom-up Styled Associations in Grenoble, France Planning Culture of Turkey in Case of Bodrum .
B034 D039 D035 F011 F053 F029 .
TENG Jingru Hiroyuki Shinohara Qian Qi, Lei Xu, Ka Wang M.R. Hafeznia, H. Veicy Pei-Wen Lu Burak Pak, Annette Kuhk .
Lesbian Spaces in Beijing Mutation of Tianzifang, Taikang Road, Shanghai The Overview of New Town Strategy in Hangzhou Consideration of Local Sub-councils in Optimum Governance of Urban- Case Study: Local Sub-councils of Tehran Institutional Understanding of Water Governance in Taipei Re-inventing Brussels: How Knowledge on Alternative Urban Development Projects Can Alter Urban Policies .
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