Saturday, November 28th
11:00 – 13:00 Parallel Sessions
Theme A
Room: Anneke van Cootenzaal, OTB
Theme B
Room: B, Faculty of Architecture
Theme C
Room: Pieter Groetelaers Zaal, OTB
Theme D1
Room: C, Faculty of Architecture
Theme D2
Room: Berlagezaal 1, Faculty of Architecture
Theme F1
Room: Grote Vergaderzaal, OTB
Theme F2
Room: F, Faculty of Architecture
Project presentation
Room: K, Faculty of Architecture
Hsia Chujoe
Stan Majoor
Walter Manshanden
Heng Chye Kiang
Machiel van Dorst
Andrea Peresthu
Tsou Jin Yeu
Kees Duijvestein
Thorsten Schütze
Aya Kubota
Niko Koers
Frank van der Hoeven
Hendrik Tieben
Willem Hermans
Inge Bobbink
Wu Jiang
Marjolein Spaans
Diego Sepulveda
Suryadi Santoso
Joaquin Sabaté Bel
Ana Maria Fernández-Maldonado
Roemer van Toorn
Alexander Vollebregt
A018 B029 C020 D045 D006 F037 F030 P001
Nikolaos Triantafyllopoulos Richard Ronald José Luis Chong Chong Christine Van Sluys I. Bobbink Robin Houterman, Germaine Sanders Lei Qu, Marjolein Spaans Daniel Jauslin, Hans Drexler, Marc Guinand
Global Capitals Role in the (De)Structuration of Urban Space Atomizing the Urban: Social Change, Single Households and Spatial Transformations in Tokyo Urban Experiences in a Rural Environment. Small Rural Settlements in Lurin Valley, Lima, Peru Residential Spaces as Urban Fabric: the Case of São Paulo Design with Water in Dutch Low Land Cities Bottom-Up Initiatives and the Local Spatial Agenda: Understanding Local Interests in the Functioning of Public Space The Mega-Event as a Strategy in Spatial Planning: Starting from the Olympic City of Barcelona Minimum Impact House
A020 B031 C022 D054 D049 F039 F051 P002
Sasha Zanko Marco van der Land, Wenda Doff Germaine Sanders, Robin Houterman YU Han, TSOU Jin-yeu, LONG Jiangang G.A. Verschuure- Stuip Bas van Leeuwen Celia Esther Arredondo Zambrano Martha Kolokotroni, Nita Yuvaboon, Tahaer Zoyab, Pierre Gerlier
New! Coastal Ecologies: Destination Croatia Negative and Positive Freedom of Choice in Dutch Social Housing Economic Changes and the Need for Design Strategies for More Sustainable Urban Projects: Values of Public Life, Space and Shared Desire Space Syntax Analysis of Foshan Street Network Transformation in Support Historic Area Redevelopment Long Live the Genius Loci– Research to the Embedding of Urban and Landscape Architectural Designs to the Context for New Transformations Metropolitan Strategies: Diplomacy Fuelled by Stories A Strategic and Sustainable Agenda for San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico: an Experience of Citizen Participation and Mixed Ventures Equity Through Infrastructure Dharavi-Mumbai-India
A023 B035 C023 D056 D052 F041 F052 P004
Shannon Bassett Alastair Donald Qiang Ma W.L. LUK J. Wang, S. Li S. Vermeulen Laurence LIAUW Wie Wu Jorge Manual Cancela
New Economies of Landscape and its New Urban Form: Eco-tourism and ecological urbanism as a new approach to redevelopment in Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan province, China Minimum…or Maximum Cities? Locating the New Frontiers of the Urban Question Eco-city and Eco-Planning in China: Taking An Example for Caofeidian Eco-city Privately Owned Public Space in Hong Kong and New York: the Urban and Spatial Influence of the Policy The Rhetoric and Reality of Culture-led Urban Regeneration- a Comparison of Beijing and Shanghai, China Needed: an Intelligent and Integrated Vision for Brussels’ Urban Planning Post Generic City- Learning From Shenzhen: The Gongming Experiment Urbanization as an Ecological Paradox. The Barroca D’Alva (Portugal) Environmental Proposals
A006 B036 C025 D059 D058 F045 F054 P006
Yawei Chen, Marjolein Spaans Arne Saeys GUO Yong Xi Zhang, Lei Xu, Ka Wang Yuan Zhu Flavio Janchez, Diego Sepúlveda Harry den Hartog Federico Curiel
Mega-event Strategy As a Tool of Urban Transformation: Sydney’s Experience Imag(in)ing the Global City. Postnational Filmmaking in Brussels and Amsterdam Exploration on Contaminated Urban Manufactured Sites- Remediation Management Strategies in Beijing The Characteristics on the Generation of Urban Form of Hangzhou Combining With the High Speed Urbanization Neo-Mat-Building Explorations on Socio-Spatial Integrative Strategies Based on the Transformative Potentialities of Implementing a Polycentric Metropolitan Model Shanghai New Towns- Searching for Community and Identity in a Sprawling Metropolis Polders as Framework for a New Sustainable Urban Development: Algae park + Diffused hotel, Polder Schieveen, Rotterdam