Saturday, November 28th
14:00 – 16:00 Parallel Sessions
Theme A
Room: Anneke van Cootenzaal, OTB
Theme B
Room: B, Faculty of Architecture
Theme C
Room: Pieter Groetelaers Zaal, OTB
Theme D1
Room: C, Faculty of Architecture
Theme D2
Room: Berlagezaal 1, Faculty of Architecture
Theme F1
Room: Grote Vergaderzaal, OTB
Theme F2
Room: F, Faculty of Architecture
Project presentation
Room: K, Faculty of Architecture
Hsia Chujoe
Stan Majoor
Walter Manshanden
Heng Chye Kiang
Machiel van Dorst
Andrea Peresthu
Tsou Jin Yeu
Kees Duijvestein
Thorsten Schütze
Aya Kubota
Niko Koers
Frank van der Hoeven
Hendrik Tieben
Willem Hermans
Inge Bobbink
Wu Jiang
Marjolein Spaans
Diego Sepulveda
Suryadi Santoso
Joaquin Sabaté Bel
Ana Maria Fernández-Maldonado
Roemer van Toorn
Alexander Vollebregt
. B040 C051 D063 D060 . D044 P007
. Doreen Heng LIU S.C. van der Spek Shira Szabo, Ron Henderson Cristina Soares Cavaco . Zhou Yinan, Hua Chen Carlo Pisano
. Post “Generic City”- When a City is Nearly Expired Waterfront Industrial Preservation & Development: the Shunde Case, the PRD Assisted Living: Using GPS to Determine Design Tasks New City/ Old City The Rule and the Model- an Approach to the Contemporary Urban Space . Intensity Control in Mixed-used New Urban Area: a Case Study of the Waterfront in Xiasha, Hangzhou Arcipelago
. B041 D043 D064 D067 . D048 P008
. Chiarantoni Carla Pei-chun Wen Joshua Bolchover and Peter Hasdell Ana M. Moya Pellitero, Emrah Türkyilmaz, Cigdem Canbay Türkyilmaz, Josué da Silva Eliziário . ZHAO Zhifeng Frank de Graaf
. A Study of New Design Concenpts in Student Housing Applied to the Italian Urban Context A Water Field Civilization -the Hydraulic System of Three Agriculture Plains in Taiwan Opening the Frontier Closed Area: A Mutual Benefit Zone The Design of a Productive Landscape: Barcelona Tres Turons Park, a Case Study . Research on the Beijing Rural Villages’ Classification & Development Under Urbanization Challenges and strategies to sustain the regional transformation of the Bohai Coastal Development Area
. D042 . D073 D078 . F045 .
. S. Munarin, M. C. Tosi . Izumi Kuroishi Héctor Giró, Margit Tamás . Chiu Yuan Wang .
. Welfare Space in Europe . Significance of the Praise of Shadows in Understanding Urban Tactility mEYEsite- an Emotional Approach to Urban Site Research . Planning Between Reliability and Flexibility- Contemporary Urban Development In China .
. D068 . D081 D082 . D030 .
. Ekim Tan . Shulan FU Susanne Komossa . Liu Minyu .
. Play-Istanbul – A City Game to Create a Bottom-up Urban Vision . Revival of Shan-Shui Idea as a Sustainable Urban Form- a Case Study on Hangzhou Towards New Architectural and Urban Models; The Dutch Urban Block, Public Domain and City Economy . The Spatial Transformation of Chinese Cities with Industrial Restructuring: Patterns, Dynamics and Performances .
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